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Who is Colamerica?

Historical Review

Colamerica began its services in 1983 as a life, car and business insurance agency, as well as tax preparation advisor, serving initially the Hispanic community in the Bergen County area of New Jersey.

At that time, being a homeowner was a very difficult affair for Hispanic people. To facilitate the process, its founder Jorge Machado decided to open the county’s first Hispanic real estate agency in 1993 and a couple of years later, the mortgage lending company. With these two new services, Colamerica began helping hundreds of families to acquire their first property.

By the end of the 1990s, Colamerica would became the most important Hispanic company in the tri-state area in the real estate and mortgage sector. Today, after more than 25 years of service, Bergen County in New Jersey, where it began, represents one of the most vibrant and progressive Hispanic communities in the eastern United States. Colamerica has impacted with its services and dedication to dozens of other Hispanic communities in other counties in the Northwest tri-state area.

Service Philosophy

The philosophy of Colamerica is to serve in an integral way, that is to say, providing a service only when it favors the benefit of the client and our organization. Providing an impeccable consulting service, leaving no doubts or hiding facts. Educating and guiding the community towards the achievement of clear goals of progress and economic sense.


Thanks to the management of Colamerica we have managed to realize the American dream of thousands of families in the tri-state area by becoming homeowners. In this process, the lives of each one of them have been touched, as our friendly staff has advised and accompanied them in some cases for years until they have been prepared to take the step with security and stability. Our training in taxes, insurance, real estate and financing allowed each family to achieve this project by understanding it in all its angles and understanding the meaning of being a homeowner in the future.

The Future

The mortgage crisis of 2008 forced the organization to restructure itself, but never to close operations. Our future is backed by the ability to understand and address any financial and legal needs related to the real estate industry.

With an image that has transcended time and challenges, Colamerica is preparing for a new era of opportunities where new generations find themselves with the same real estate opportunities of the past, within more efficient and technological environments. With the experience and knowledge of decades of service, Colamerica will now be reaching many more states with real estate, financial and legal products capable of helping the country’s Hispanic Community; The most powerful and growing in the United States.